sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

Breathe as If You Mean It

   Lean back, relax, and put your body at rest. As your breathing becomes controlled and unhurried, your throat, neck, and shoulders loosen and your mind opens to pleasant, peaceful thoughts and images.
   most people pay little attention to their breathing, and yet how you breathe makes a big difference in the way you feel. In a stressful situation, a few slow, deep breaths can boost you body's oxygen supply and help you regain control of your physical and emotional responses. In addition, the few seconds you spend in mindful breathing let you mentally step away from the cause of your stress, allowing you to return with a clearer head and a more balanced perspective.
   Your breath is God's gift of life. Each day, spend a minute concentrating on nothing but the miracle of being able to breathe. Inhale end exhale calmly and rhythmically, and pay attention to how breathing feels and sounds. Take deep, full breaths, and drink in the power of your breaths to cover your-self with serenity and peace.

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