sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010


   How many times have you thought about stepping off the treadmill and out of the rat race, leaving behind all that clamoring for money and possessions? The very things that are supposed to make your life easier seem to complicate it instead. But what does leading a simple life really mean? Giving away your possessions? Downsizing? Spending less?
   The first logical step to a simpler lifestyle is to deal with what you already have. That's where most of the stress comes from anyway. Start by evaluating your weekly activities. Which ones were once fun but now seem like chores? Go ahead and cut those without feeling guilty. Next, ask yourself if the vacation home has become a burden, if you have too many cars, if you really need all the things filling your closets and kitchen cupboards.
   You should keep what you still hold dear, of course, but if something no longer matters, let it go to bless someone else. Own what you have; don't let what you have own you.

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