terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Look for Positive People

        A new project can be so exciting that you are eager to tell your friend all about it. As soon as you've finished talking-however, your friend stars ticking off reasons why your project is doomed. You're left feeling deflated, anxious, and unsure of yourself. There will be stress enough in completing a challenging project. It's best to surround yourself with people who can see and apreciate what you are trying to do. Keep company with those who share your vision and have faith in your talents and abilities.

       Positive people are essential to your success, even if they can't add to the technical aspects of the project. When there are breakes in the action, seek out people who possess a light and happy attitude, people who will help recharge your batteries and renew your enthusiasm.

       Being positive and being realistic are not mutually exclusive characteristics. You need people who can give you an honest evaluation of your project with a positive spin. You need people who can see the beauty in what you're doing and inspire you to say on point.

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