domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010


   It feels good to say yes, and saying no seems selfish. You'd like to help everyone who asks you, but realistically you can't. Forgetting that you are just one person can take a wicked toll on your family, your emotions, and your physical well-being. Sometimes a simple "No, I'm sorry, but I can't manage it" is exactly the right answer.
   Sure, your saying no will disappoint a few people, but it will also force them to discover gifts and talents in others. You've never been one to hog the spotlight, and your intentions have always been good. Know that god always has a plan, and that plan usually involves spreading the work around and giving everyone a chance to shine.
   Reduce your inner stress by sweetly and graciously saying no when you find it appropriate to do so. Send up prayer that God  will provide just the right  person to accomplish the task. That will free you to embrace the yeses in your life with true pleasure and peaces of mind.

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